Star Hike


Star Hike and Star Hike X are game scenes based on the solar system, which are projects created at university as technical exercises in C++, Object oriented and graphics programming, as opposed to being fully fledged games.

Both projects had a number of technical requirements to meet, such as good use of Object oriented code, a set number of objects in each scene including; terrains (both dynamic and heightmap based), meshes, animated models, instancing, billboards and a skybox.

Star Hike

Star Hike is a game scene whereby players control a space ship capable of exploring the solar system; along with its planets, moons and space stations. There are two camera views, the third person exploration view, and the first person view from inside the ship, depicting animated models as the crew and a dynamic mesh as warp plasma.

The game was a second year university project to create a scene using a basic game engine, with the aim of running well on low specification hardware. The task was to build a scene which had all of the aforementioned requirements as well as a minimap, HUD, audio/music, two camera views (e.g. first and third person) and collision detection for all objects; all whilst running at a reasonable frame rate.

The game engine used was Irrlicht due to its barebone nature, with IrrKlang as the sound library for playing audio. The target hardware was an Intel Pentium 4 machine, with 512mb of memory, dual booting Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.4.

Star Hike X

Star Hike X is a game scene showing a futuristic view of the inner solar system (up to and including the asteroid belt). It includes a terraformed mars, “solar collectors” (dynamic and heightmap based terrains) and various static space stations.

The scene was a third year university project to create a game scene (similar to the previous years project) without a game engine, using only Direct X 11 and some basic shaders. It was written in C++ and HLSL (High Level Shading Language).



Star Hike:

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Star Hike X: