Magnitude is a competitive, multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS), based on the concept of a late 90’s arena revival, but with a few modern twists. Players are spawned into a networked deathmatch scenario across a number of arenas, with a variety of weapons and tactics at their disposal; their goal is to have the most frags at the end of the round.

The game features the advanced tactics of wall jumping, to cause confusion and rain down on your enemies from above, as well as the “refraction lazer” (a weapon with which you can rebound your shots), allowing you to inflict higher damage without a direct line of sight.

Magnitude was created as a team project, during the second year of university. It was made using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language. The game was submitted to the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015, and reached the’s peoples choice awards (link below) stage of the competition.’s people choice awards (See team “MAGG”)



(Windows, Mac and Linux)