Hoppy Moose


Hoppy Moose is a 2D, side scrolling autorun game, attempting to be both fun and educational by demonstrating the effects of drinking (and in particular, mixing drinks) on reaction time. Players have to collect one type of drink (in this case beer) whilst avoiding others by hopping over them. Every drink collected increases the players reaction time, meaning a longer delay between tapping the screen and actually jumping. This can lead to drinking more than intended of the wrong types of drink and taking you past the point of no return (as it is in real life).

The game was made as a third year university project to create an iPhone app utilising various features of the iOS SDK. It was created using Apples Sprite Kit 2D game library, with the Swift 2 programming language, and featured the use of Game Centre for saving high scores.


*Note video is low frame rate as the game had to be recorded on an iPhone simulator as opposed to real hardware.