Dark With Extra Light


Dark With Extra Light (DWEL) is a 2D side scrolling platformer, set in various dark nightmare based levels. Players control a flashlight wielding girl, struggling to wake up from a bizarre nightmare. The game sports a variety of platforms (static, moving, slippy, bouncy, breakable) and enemies (walking, floating, following), with the player utilising light-based mechanics to complete each level.

The game was originally created as a first year team based project at university, using the Contruct 2 (html5 based) game tool, with an aim to enter the game into Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2014 competition. After being selected as UK national finalists, the game was remade from the ground up in the Unity game engine and C# programming language then showcased at the University College London venue.

Imagine Cup 2014 UK National Final:

Imagine Cup 2014 National Final at UCL – DWEL team seen in white t-shirts to the left
DWEL Screenshot of Imagine Cup version



The soundtrack to DWEL was composed by myself, in an attempt to match the location/mood of each night (world); however the final demo only shows a level each of three of the intended six nights. All tracks are available here:


*Note all DWEL downloads contain Windows, Mac and Linux binaries

Final Demo (Unity):

Imagine Cup version (Unity):

Original version (Construct 2):